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Use Fair Trade Products as Your Fundraiser Giveaways

When you’re organizing a corporate event like a charitable fundraiser, what better way to emphasize your commitment to development and charity than by using fair trade products as your fundraiser giveaways?


I have always believed that fundraiser tokens are a great way to show your appreciation to generous donors that have supported your organization’s endeavors. Fundraisers seek to generate financial support for a charitable institution or project so, in keeping with the humanitarian goals of such events, we at Dsenyo invite you to consider using fair trade products as your giveaways. They will ensure that the items associated with your event are going to be seen as unique treasures.

Consider each event as an opportunity for your group to establish your uniqueness and strengthen the relationship you have with your partners through promotional items that they will appreciate. Dsenyo’s items are not only useful, our artisan partners have made sure that they’re beautiful, high quality, meaningful and filled with character.

Founded on my desire to create opportunities for the talented and hard-working women in Africa and Latin America, we offer only high-quality, unique and marketable fair trade products and ethical fashion items

Looking for items that can be given to different people won’t be a problem. Our collection carries a range of contemporary African home decor that includes handmade greeting cards, woven trays, African basket ornaments and woven basket bowls, that you can give to your clients and partners.

Other items in our collection include fair trade jewelry, handbags, ethical fashion, and fair trade gifts.

By supporting our fair trade products, you and your organization will be making a significant contribution towards combating poverty across the globe. Purchase from Dsenyo and we guarantee that you will not only pay a fair price, you are also contributing to fair wages to the various artisan communities in Malawi, Zambia, and Brazil. We adhere strictly to fair trade principles of fair labor wages, environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Through its work, sustainable jobs are created and artists and local communities are given access to markets for maximum benefits.

When it comes to bulk orders, Dsenyo welcomes wholesale partners and offers fast order processing, quality customer service, easy ordering and returns as well as free shipping on orders above $500.

Opt to give away fair trade products and convey a message about your organization’s commitment to community building and development. By selecting the right giveaway, you can set yourself apart.

Should you have any queries or would like to place an order, feel free to contact us and let’s discuss how we can choose the right products for you.


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