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Stories Behind the Vintage Coin Bracelet

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We love jewelry! We love jewelry even more when there's a story behind the piece.  Whether the story is about the artisan or about the inspiration behind the design, it gives that extra depth reminiscent of how complex our lives are.  

Our Zambian Vintage Coin bracelet has layers of stories all wrapped up into one beautiful bracelet.  Inspired by the celebrated Maasai traditions of personal adornment, the colors for the bracelets represent the rich symbolism of color in their traditions.  

Zambian Vintage Coin Bracelet

In the Maasai culture, jewelry is given as a sign of appreciation and respect.   

The featured vintage coin has its own story.  In 2013, the Zambian currency shifted with the rebasement of Zambia's Kwacha and the distribution of newly minted coins.  This change was a significant milestone for Zambia.   

As many countries can attest, the history of currency can be captured by the symbolism in the coins.  The vintage coins used in this jewelry collection date back to Zambia's first President of the Republic, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda following their independence in 1964.

The coins are purchased from people of all walks of life in Zambia.  Dsenyo's artisan partners purchase the coins from people who have stored the coins for sometime, and the purchase provides them with an extra income.  The sellers include housekeepers, guides, market stall owners, etc.    

We hope that you can enjoy the many layers of this bracelet as much as we do.  It's a piece representing tradition with the Maasai culture and the history of Zambia and her independence.  

These bracelets and other fair trade jewelry pieces may be purchased on our website:  wholesale.dsenyo.com

Zambian Vintage Coin Bracelet

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